Working on Some Research About Internet Companies

suddenlinkI have started doing some research for one of my professor in Comp Sci. He is going to do a big research paper on the comparison of internet and cable tv companies. He is interested in how their services are compared to the competitors in this country and elsewhere in the world. Right now I am trying to study Suddenlink, which is based in St Louis and operates mostly in the Southwest from what I can tell. I had never heard of them or any of the companies that they used to be. I had to write up a little history about them, even though that has very little to do with the project. Mostly the idea is to figure out what people are getting for their money and whether or not the value that they perceive that they get is good or not. Of course a lot of people have different thresholds for what they consider to be important.

For some people the only thing that matters is if the channel line up includes Fox News Network. Of course I find that pretty sad given the fact that it seems as though you should want a news source that is objective and impartial. Some people only want to hear people who agree with them though. I want to get the right sports channels if I pay for cable, but of course I can not really afford to pay for what it costs. So if I want to watch a game on live tv I usually have to go some place else. I live across the street from a little bar and I know the guy who runs the place so I can go over there and watch a game any time I want to. They even have free internet.

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