They Actually Will Negotiate the Rate

Looking for apartments can be a pain, I’ve had to do it several times in my life and none of them were particularly enjoyable experiences, I can’t wait until I get a house, but for now I’m stuck looking for Huntsville apartments. Some of them in this area are really nice, in fact I would love to live in them, the only problem is that the price is a little out of my range, so I had to do something to try to get them down. I went in and looked at them all again, expressed my interest and cringed when they told me the price a little bit hoping that they would lower it but it was to no avail, the prices stayed a little high and I just kept looking. Nothing in my price range was satisfying me though, so I was kind of at a loss about what to do to get myself in an apartment as soon as possible.

So I had a great idea, what if I just directly approached them and asked them to lower the price, I mean what’s the worse that could happen. They could say no and I would just leave on my merry way. So I went in to one of the places and asked if they could do me a favor and lower the price, believe it or not it worked, but not as well as I wanted to, I wanted them to lower it to a rate I could afford, while they did lower it, it was pretty negligible, so I went on and on to all the different apartments that I wanted until I finally got one to be reasonable and take it down to my max. I didn’t hesitate, I took the apartment right then and there. I was so happy they were willing to negotiate the rent, it was a great day.

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