Developing the Future of Software

In the past few years there has been a radical paradigm shift in the way that business is done on the Internet. As the march of technology continues onward and millions upon millions are connecting to the Internet, we are seeing the rise of Big Data. With so much data being produced and processed, it’s no surprise that entire business models were fashioned around it which helped the formation of Crowdsourcing work. With this type of work it is easier than ever for translation software to be developed, just like finding the top best translator in canada is easier than ever before. With thousands of people ready to work for small independent research companies, they are able to transcode small bites of audio of a wide variety of languages and pay individuals on Crowdsourcing websites to translate the audio into multiple languages. No longer are companies forced to rely on hiring a few professional linguists; now they can actively seek out native speakers hoping to make extra money on the side.

This is the type of work that I have been able to do and some of that work has even managed to be mentioned in research. For months I had been working with a few others on a Crowdsourcing website for a professor whom has been working on a way to automate translation with far better accuracy via voice recognition software. His method of using Crowdsourcing at the time was incredibly innovative and many other business models, along with University Professors, have begun to look toward this new model of crunching through Big Data. Crowdsourcing has completely changed the way that we process data by empowering the power of humans to work on a massive scale that has been impossible until now. We are looking at the future being made right before our eyes.

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