Mary Bradley

Spare the rod and spoil the child.

That Which Lurks Below the Earth

Finding myself ankle deep in the bubbling, burbling human goop that had slopped onto the bathroom from the unspeakable horrors of the drain within the bathroom sink. I really don’t want to know where that slop came from or if it was even the concentrated slop that I and my family have made over the years. The thought still sends shivers of disgust running down my spine. Even now I can imagine the mysterious, floating bits between my toes. This is what happens when you skip out on the all important drain cleaning in Bronx NY. When you live in the city, and not just any city but The New York City, sewage and drain cleaning becomes an all important feature of home owners. Even those who rent apartments have to be careful about what they send down their drain leading into the sewers lying below the city like so much catacombs for human waste.

Civilization finds so much success only because of our capability to build working sewers. Can you imagine yourself living in a city without a sewer system? There was a long period of human activity where we would spill out our soil, our bodily fluids and waste, right into the streets. They might have even had some irrigation ditches soley for the waste that we produce. We produce so much of it that we have to create these working systems in order to have a successful, healthy society. That should tell the average person who doesn’t think much about what lies below the sleeping earth under their feet. We should be made more aware about the daily machinery and civil systems that support our societies in order to gain a better respect for those that work within them to give us the luxury of our every day life.