Mary Bradley

Spare the rod and spoil the child.

I Needed a Thermometer to Measure Humidity

I did a search for quality thermometers online because I wanted to find one that would be able to do more than just give me the temperature. I needed one that did a variety of other things too, including temperatures both outside and inside as well as the humidity level. I was able to find a wireless weather station that was exactly what I wanted. I found it on a site that sells all kinds of thermometers, including temperature thermometers like what I had found but also ones for cooking, the pool, and even ones for lab use.

Since I was just looking for the one kind, I was sort of surprised to see that it can even measure the temperature in the swimming pool. I had not considered this, but I knew that it would be a nice addition to what I wanted. There is a probe that can be used for our pool and even the hot tub if we wanted to know what the temperature was. I had planned on hanging it on the wall by the kitchen door, but I saw that it is also free standing if that is how I want it. I knew that it would be better this way since I would be able to move it from room to room if need be.

The nice thing about it is that I can measure the humidity inside. I am able to monitor it in case I need to do something to change the humidity levels. Before, I was just guessing at it, and that didn’t really allow me to do much until I could actually feel the change in humidity. With this thermometer, I am able to monitor it and prepare in advance. My house does not have a lot of insulation, so humidity can be a real problem to deal with. I also like that it will monitor both the inside and outside temperatures, and all of this information is available on one screen.